About Us

Meet the founders of Unity Club

Hi there! We are Sofia and Daniil, the founders of Unity Club!

We started Unity Club in 2022 as a brand that creates cute loungewear with designs related to love and relationships. In December 2022, we started feeling lost and didn’t know where this brand was going. Then, in January 2023, Sofia made the choice to follow Christ and started to hear God calling her to make Unity Club into a faith-based brand. In March 2023, we both got baptized and less than 2 weeks later, we got married. After making that decision, Sofia started to trust God’s voice and in April 2023, she finally made the decision to rebrand Unity Club into a brand that spreads God’s love with others.

Now, Unity Club is a faith-based loungewear brand dedicated to spreading Love, Connection, and Unity between People and our loving God. Our brands mission in to create apparel that helps christians share the word of God and gets the attention of non-christians. Our designs are created to reflect our mission and by using scripture for ideas.